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Melissa’s Musical Inspiration #BPCreates

Over the next few weeks we are looking at how music can and does inspire our writing. Do you use music? Has a particular song inspired you? Leave the song, or a link to your writing playlist on Spotify, we’ll be putting together a BPB Writing Playlist to share with you over the next few weeks.


I come from a musical family and grew up with a love for music. My grandfather taught piano, played organ and insured all of his kids and grandkids plalyed instruments. My husband’s family was also very musical. Music is always being played or made in our house.

To me music can be more than a soundtrack or backdrop to life. It can set a tone, tell a story or inspire creativity. I use music to quiet out the other noises in my head to allow me to concentrate and write. What that music is depends on my mmood and what I’m working on. (I use this playlist the most)

Music can also inspire stories, beyond the obvious one that is being told on the song. In last years Write Before Christmas we featured Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah…

The song is beautiful and has broken me in so many ways at different times depending on what was aon my heart and mind when I listed to it. It also inspired this short story that I wrote.

A current song that is working it’s way in my head is the A-Team by Ed Sheeran

(admittintly I haven’t watched the video, just listened to the music because I don’t want to influence my imagary) He is obviosuly telling a story with the song but it has also inspired me…I have a story in my head that I am working on getting out. I can see the girl, so pale and skinny you can’t tell if she’s sick or just small. Her blonde hair is pretty but never quiet right, which describes her whole look. She knows and she tries but she never hits the mark. Always right there on the edge of a group, never fully welcomed, never fully rejected or mocked. She’s trying to find her way and has fallen, slipped into the snowy world where she’s cold and alone.

Someday I will get it out…the way it plays out in my head….but for now I listen and I imagine it and I wait for the words and charcters to find their way out of the song and into my hands.

How does music inspire you? What music is inpisting you lately, share it with us to add to our writing music playlist.