Musical Inspiration: Bigger Picture Creates

The rhythm catches my toe and it easily taps to the beat, eventually the rest of my body follows slowly at first fingers strumming the steering wheel, then my head bobbing up and down and eventually the last to follow my own voice melding with the voices coming from the car radio. Eventually I’m car dancing, which to the common passerby looks very similar to an epileptic seizure.

But to me it’s the best part of my day.

Music is all around us from the moment we wake up, cue alarm clock radio. On the way to school with an endearing rendition of the alphabet song and at work as I listen to my friend’s playlists, at the gym, and during evening dance parties in the kitchen.

It permeates our lives influencing our mood and … our creativity?

Yep, for me it does, and I know I’m not alone especially when I find particular playlists dedicated to painting, writing and creativity. All of these elements work together to help our creative minds flow.

With that in mind we are taking Bigger Picture Blogs on a musical journey. Over the next six weeks you will hear how music inspires our writers, and we’d love to hear from you too.

In order to get your creative juices flowing we’ve picked a song to inspire your creativity. You can take the song literally, dissecting the lyrics to fit your inspiration or you can tell us a different story. Did the song trigger a memory? Did it make you feel a certain way?

The door to creativity is wide open and ready for you to step inside.

Are you ready for your musical inspiration?

You don’t have to use our prompt.

If you have a favorite song that inspires you, share it with us on our Facebook page, and we will make a Spotify playlist of all our songs to spread the inspiration.

Let’s get started …

You can write a post.

Paint a masterpiece.

Snap a photo.


Make a video.

Don’t forget to share your creation over on our Facebook page and tag it #BPCREATES.

Whatever you decide just let the music guide you and be inspired.


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