Write Before Christmas: Featuring Adrienne

Wow! We are in the home stretch only SEVEN more days till Christmas.

Even with the hustle and bustle of the holidays many of you participated in our annual Write Before Christmas Prompts. Thank You!

Here’s a look at Adrienne’s post from day eight’s prompt – All is Calm.


When the night is
when the lights are bright…
when the house is sleeping.
Tender moments cradling a swaddled babe
or glorious moments gazing upon a star lit sky.
We catch our breath and allow God’s gifts that surround us to
coat us,
soothe us,
soften us,
calm us.

Read more here

You still have time to participate in the Write Before Christmas. Linkys will be open until December 31.

Visit our Facebook page for the complete list of prompts.

Remember all it takes is five minutes. You can…

Write a blog post.

Take a photo.

Paint a picture.


Just comment on our Facebook page.

Whatever you do just be creative and have fun with it.


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