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Reading Circles – {This Is How}

reading circles

We’re in the middle of a short series, where we read Augusten Burrough’s kick-in-the-pants of a book called This Is How and share snippets we’ve found to be insightful or thought-provoking.

As we round out the end of a year and turn towards a new one, where many people start making new resolutions or coming back with renewed resolve towards previous ones, I’d like to share this piece from him:

I am a complete and total fuckup. Which is exactly why I am equipped to write this book and tell you how to live…

{He explains how he got into ring making.}

…Each time, I tried to make one nice ring. Each time, I totally failed.

Until ring number 301. Which was suddenly, inexplicably cool.

Now I make more good rings than lousy ones. There are always new mistakes to make. But I almost never make my old, rerun mistakes.

Perfectionism is the satin-lined casket of creativity and originality. If you are a perfectionist, at least stop telling everybody you’re one and try to get over it yourself, alone in your home with the lights off.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t try your best or that it’s okay to get lazy. What it does mean, though, is if you approach a piece of writing or a photo or a canvas with thoughts to making it “perfect” you are not thinking about the art. You are thinking about yourself. You are not being present in the moment. You are only rubbing a soft, familiar spot on your ego. Why? Because you’re already thinking about what other people will think of it and of you, before you’ve even made a mark on the page.

Moreover, perfectionism suggests that there is an ideal, a standard of “perfection.” If there is an ideal, then that suggests everything else is not that ideal. If there’s only one way to do something, then practically by definition, that one way becomes unoriginal.

So, do the best you can, but do it your way. Don’t fear failure; if you do something to the best of your ability enough times, you might just strike on gold you’d never have found if you hadn’t given yourself the opportunity.



‘Twas the write before Christmas {2012 Day 12}

Welcome to Day  Twelve of ‘Twas the Write Before Christmas! 


We know you’re busy.  We know the holidays might feel crammed full of things to be done.  We know — because that’s how our lives are, too.  And if you’re anything like us, you might be wishing for a small respite, right about now.

Something that’s just for you.

Let today be the day you stop and create something!  Share your story — give your gifts — in the form of ANYTHING!

Do you associate a certain memory with today’s prompt?

Are you moved to write a poem or story?    Does the prompt encourage you to draw or paint?  Are you itching to bake something or photograph something or craft something?

Let the prompt lead you where it will.  We can’t wait see, read, and share in the magic of your season! Please feel free to grab the prompt image to use in your post. Please be sire to link back here!

Day twelve Prompt: 

…But I have promises to keep…


And a gentle reminder: Because creativity is sharpened and inspired by others’ work and encouragement is important to our creative spirits, please try to visit some of the other creative souls who’ve linked up.

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