Bigger Picture Moments: A November Announcement and today’s linky

Every Thursday we come together as a community to share the harvest of moments gleaned that give us a glimpse of life’s bigger picture.

Today we’re sharing at Alita’s!

Starting next Thursday, though, we’re coming to the feasting table ready to share something a little more — a spirit of engaged and intentional gratitude.

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While we encourage simply counting blessings during this time of year when we are often so inclined,we also want to strive to recognize the blessings in disguise — those moments in which we often neglect to remain thankful.

So this week as we live, let’s gather our harvests — by simply counting blessings or finding the blessings in the every day, the extraordinary or in the disguised moments — and come to the table ready to feast next Thursday at Brook’s!

We can’t wait to come to the table together and share in a heaping portion of perspective and gratitude that will not only stretch and swell our creativity and connections but also the space in our hearts for gratitude to take residence!


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