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Reading Circles – {This Is How}


Did anyone manage to pick up Augusten Burrough’s book, This Is How? It should be a quick read, so I thought we could each read the chapters we’re most personally drawn to and reconvene next week and share some insights we learned from him. I’d like to especially draw your attention to the chapters on How to be Confident and How to See the Truth Behind the Truth. I’ll be talking about those in particular next week.

His chapters on How to Be Sick and How to Lose Someone You Love are also pretty intense.

Hope you enjoy!


Bigger Picture Captures


 from the  pool of shots by HeavenlyLife

Often just like writing, inspiration for a photo comes immediate and you simply must capture the moment. Other times picture taking is less inspired.

In the spirit of creativity that is being nourished here on this site and in your hearts, we’re bringing back Bigger Picture Captures.

Each Wednesday a thought, a word, or a moment will be shared and you will have the opportunity to capture the creativity with your lens and share it.

No need to worry about blogging it (unless you want to of course) or linking it up. All you have to do is Tweet it, facebook it, or Instagram it.

We know that a lot of you are participating in the P365 or P52 challenges. This is  a little more creative inspiration to get your camera out and take a picture of something different.

Use #BPCaptures anywhere you are collecting your pictures, and get ready to CREATE!

Today’s prompt for Bigger Picture Captures is at the table.

How will you capture the table, whose at the table, what you bring to the table- Show us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Writing Me: Tradition {Adrienne}

‘Tis the season of hayrides and pumpkin pies, costumes and candy corn, drifting leaves that turn into falling snow and crisp mornings with flannel sheets and chunky sweaters that lend way to days full of tradition. What does the word tradition make you think of? What does it make you feel? Is there a tradition you partake in every year, or one from your childhood that stands out?

Take the word TRADITION and tell us what it means to you.

Go where your words and recollections take you. A few lines, or dozens, in whatever form moves you, write as your heart responds to the prompt.

Today’s post comes to us from Adrienne:

Christmas Eve

Take me back, not to his

Roots, not to mine…but to ours.

Awaken memories of little ones and

Days gone by…

It’s on December the twenty-fourth, when

The beef fondue, funny forks and sauces

Invite us to the table, that

Our history captivates us,

Nurtures us and makes us forever one.

Adrienne is a 51 year old “empty nester” who loves scrapbooking, blogging, photography and camping. She shares her love for God, her family and her hobbies on her blog My Memory Art.Though it’s her job as office manager that helps ‘pay the rent’, it’s the creative, crafty stuff that she considers to be her real work.



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