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Playing Dress Up with Your Writing: Creative Inspiration

I zip up my black leather boots, grab my red cape, and place the gold head band gently in my hair. I’m now WONDER WOMAN, able to defeat evil with my magic lasso and my super mind controlling powers.

Oh, how I love, love, love Halloween.

Yes, my friends, some people love Christmas with its twinkly lights and smell of evergreen, some find that Valentine’s Day is where their heart lies, but for me Halloween has captured my heart and will never let go.

Because there is no other day when you can just “be” someone else.

Throughout the years I’ve dabbled in many Halloween personas I’ve been Barbie, a clown, a cop, Twiggy {the super model}, Carrie {horror movie Carrie not Sex and the City Carrie}, Little Orphan Annie, Scully from the X-Files, a ladybug and last year WONDER WOMAN. Oh, so many options to be someone else from the funny, sexy, scary and super. It’s so magical and empowering.

All these personas got me thinking, what if incorporated some of them into my everyday life. Need a little courage pretend you’re a superhero, need to solve a sibling dispute grab your badge and lay down the law, and need a little singing and dancing to make the day brighter channel the star of Broadway musical. The options are endless.

And maybe just maybe my writing could use a Halloween makeover. In my writing I stick with what I know, memoir. Yep, I pretty much just write about myself.

All. The. Time.

It’s time to try something new. To grab a different costume off the shelf and transform my writing a little, if even for a moment. Which is why many months ago I participated in one of our FICTION Writing Circles. Yep, you read that right FICTION. Talk about the complete polar opposite of what I usually write.

Not only that but the genre was horror, oh snap. My favorite!

Even still it was hard. I struggled, and felt uncomfortable. I didn’t quite know how to write dialogue, and it’s difficult to write something that you haven’t experienced first hand. However, with the helping hand and supportive voice of Jade I was able to put the first tiny pieces of a horror story together.

Will it evolve into something bigger like a short story a novel? I hope so, but if not I had fun just playing dress-up for the day.

How about you? Are you ready to play Halloween dress-up?

All it takes is five minutes. You can …

Write a post.

Compose a poem.

Snap a photo.

Or sketch  drawing.

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I promise it won’t be too scary. Bwhahahahaha…