A Writer’s Voice: Creative Inspiration

On Friday in this space, Jade talked about finding your voice. The one you express when the pen hits the paper, but what about that inner voice?

As a writer I often have this inner voice that is a constant monologue that starts in the early morning hours when the sun peeks through the dark all the way till the wee hours of the night when my head hits the pillow.

What you don’t have a voice in your head?

Ok this is awkward.

Perhaps it’s me or maybe it’s a writer thing.

My mind looks at a sunset and doesn’t see a sunset. Instead it sees

A cascade of color illuminating the morning sky.

My brain is constantly forming prose with flowy adjectives, and searching for a story in the everyday.

It’s a writer’s blessing and a curse, for the writer’s mind is hard to just “turn off” and it can become difficult to just play outside with your children without composing a story.

During every waking hour my inner writing voice is fighting to be free. Trying to find a way out of the confines of a mind so full of words and prose it’s about to explode.

So I write, I let it out every chance I get. Whether it’s in the shower {bath crayons are a writer’s dream}, at a restaurant on a cocktail napkin or even spoken into a cell phone voice recorder.

Those little scraps of paper and notes on bathroom walls become blogs posts and my voice – a writer’s voice – screams from the rooftops and it is finally heard.

Jade said finding your writing voice is something that can’t be learned it just needs to be found, and I bet if you listen closely you just might hear it whisper to you.

Perhaps it’s time to turn that whisper into a yell.

And let your writer’s voice be free.

Head over to our Facebook page for today’s prompt.

All it takes is five minutes.

You can …

Write a post

Take a photo

Compose a poem

Sketch a masterpiece

And let that inner voice be free.


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