Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

Reading Circles – Finding Your Voice

When I’m in between writing projects, I use that time to do more reading on writing, to grow my craft, and find new ways to stretch my muscles.

I’m currently reading a book called Finding Your Writer’s Voice, written by Thaisa Frank & Dorothy Wall. Voice is something we strive to both uncover and develop, to become not only better writers, but also unique and distinctive ones. Our voices, unlike style, cannot be taught. They are our own, and they are within us. We can only work to find them, to help them along – even when they tremble – and endeavor to make them sing.

In this book I’m reading, the authors shared an insight that resonated with me, and I’d like to share it with you. They say:

Because it belongs to you, your voice is hard to identify. When it comes to knowing who you are, you are often the last to find out. Most writers struggle to unearth voice–not only because one’s voice is simply too familiar, but also because to speak from your voice means confronting your world, your dreams, and your entire life raw and unsoftened by expectations. This is the world of direct, unfiltered experience, sensate impressions, and emotions. To find this world, you must be willing to seize the unconventional, the unadorned.

Do you think you’ve found your voice? If so, was there anything you did that you found particularly helpful? What would you say your voice sounds like?