Daily Archives: October 8, 2012

Relax and Renew: Creative Inspiration

The wind blusters around me. In the past two days our temperatures have plummeted from a balmy 80 degrees to a cool crisp 40.

It’s Fall.

And while Fall may bring warm fuzzy sweaters, crunchy leaves in brilliant reds and vibrant oranges, it also brings an overbooked and overscheduled life.

I know I’m not the only one last week who raised the white flag and screamed “I surrender!”

The blogsphere has been running rampant with posts like hers and hers, each lamenting the need to slow down, and the joy and peace that can come from just STOPPING.

But it’s not easy, is it?

It wasn’t for me last week when I proclaimed on Tuesday that I was taking a blog break, which really wasn’t a complete break, since I posted that same Thursday. In my defense it was a simple repost from last summer.

I think there is this fear that if we pack it up for a week, everyone we know will disappear. We might lose out on a once in a lifetime opportunity, or worse yet the creative juices may dry up.

Don’t be scared.

After my week of surrender, I actually feel more connected, grounded and focused. My family was grateful for the break, they were feeling a little neglected and my house thanked me for tidying its corners and mopping its floors. By just letting go of one thing for a moment in time I felt more fulfilled than struggling to do it ALL.

I learned the hard way that when you try to do EVERYTHING you end up accomplishing NOTHING.

So today, on a Monday, I invite you to do as I did last week and TAKE A BREAK, do something that makes you relax, so you can renew.

All it takes is FIVE minutes. You can …

Write a post.

Take a photo.

Write a poem.

Paint a picture.

Relax, renew and CREATE!

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