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Writing Me {Melissa}

Writing Me is Bigger Picture Blogs series of writing exercises created to help our community dive deeper into writing, grow creatively, and learn about ourselves and each other. This quarter we are writing from the prompt “I Remember…” and each week we will feature one of our community members.

This week’s post comes to us from Melissa.


© M. Haak | Peanut Butter in my Hair.com | 2012

 I remember nothing and everything. I forget the mundane, the why I came into the room, what I was supposed to do. The feelings, the fears, the memories of yesterday cloud my head. I try to capture them, hold them down on paper and clear them from my  head.

I remember the time before sadness and fear moved in but it’s like a figure standing down the road in a fog. I can make out the silhouette but can’t tell who it is.

I remember not to wallow or to punish but to but to focus the joy of today. The light that has entered and goodness that surrounds us.

I remember, daily that there is no joy with our sorrow.

I want to remember it all the good the bad, the ugly the beautiful. It’s all part of my story and deserves a place.