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BPCreates – In Between

Life is a little bit crazy right now. The big kids are busy with school, the toddler is busy being a toddler and I’m trying to keep my head above water. While my heart is full of inspiration and ideas from Creative Soul, but the time for just sitting and creating is not readily available.

Yesterday Sarah Bessey tweeted this:

She wasn’t talking about art and creating but it applies. As a busy mom for me art is also created in the in-between. The bits and pieces of stories written in between chores, in between errands, in between naps.


T. Hoffman Creative Soul – Writing Circle

Photos snapped in between moments when people don’t notice.

Moments of peace and creativity grabbed in between the chaos.

Beauty can be found in that in between, what do you see “in between”?

Source: 500px.com via ps on Pinterest



All it takes is FIVE minutes. You can …

Write a post.

Take a photo.

Write a poem.

Paint a picture.

Find the in between and grab it.

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Live. Love. Create.