Daily Archives: September 17, 2012

COURAGE: Creative Inspiration

Apprehensively he picks up the marker, tentatively he removes the cap and with a shaky hand places it on the blank sheet of paper. He looks to me uncertain where to being, “Just draw,” I encourage him. “Make whatever you want.”

His strokes are long and messy. A squiggle here. A circle there. He looks to me again, his eyes begging for reassurance, but his mouth makes no sound. Picking up more colors his tongue sticks out to one side as his strokes become more deliberate. His body consumed by the creative process.

With a flourish the last stroke is made and he looks to me with a smile proud of his accomplishment.

We exchange a high-five, and I inquire about his creation.

He points with enthusiastic fingers, describing each figure; each one with their own story. His smile is unyielding as we take a magnet from the fridge and place it on his creation. Displaying in a prime position.

This was a big step for him today.

His courage was apparent, from the moment he made the decision to create.

A week ago, he wouldn’t have made the attempt. He would have rebelled.

A week ago I heard “I can’t draw like the other kids, and they laugh at my drawings.”

A week ago my heart broke hearing that comment and I vowed to NEVER let him be afraid to create again.

So, we told him it didn’t matter, because we LOVE everything he makes. Whether it’s large or small, with rainbows of colors or black and white, it didn’t matter.

What matters is that he MADE something.

So much of our life is consumed by fear.

Fear of what other people will think.

Fear of failure.

Fear of the unknown.

It’s time to find the COURAGE to TRY and to CREATE.

All it takes is FIVE minutes. You can …

Write a post.

Take a photo.

Write a poem.

Paint a picture.

Fight the fear, be brave and CREATE!

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