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Bigger Picture Moments {Featuring Lisa}

Every Thursday, the Bigger Picture community comes together to share glimpses of simple, everyday moments which might otherwise be lost in the rush of daily living. Won’t you join us today? Reflect upon something simple — or simply magical — that’s resonated with you this week, then share it with us!

Here’s a look at one of last week’s Bigger Picture Moments, from Lisa at Diapers, Coupons, and Bills, Oh My!  Head over to her place to read the rest!

It was supposed to be a fun evening.

Matt put Reese to bed while I turned our kitchen into a makeshift applesauce
factory complete with peeling, cooking, cooling, and bagging stations. Rinsing
the first batch, I imagined how we would turn up the music and sing and dance
while we peeled and chopped. We would make “someday” plans for our unfinished basement, retirement vacations, and imaginary lottery winnings. We’d throw skins at each other and make a sticky mess and when the last bag was in the freezer, he would chase me back to the bedroom and we’d deal with the pots and pans and floors tomorrow…

His voice brought me back from my fantasy life-before-children evening.


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