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Art vs Craft: Creative Inspiration

The pub smelled of rancid beer and patchouli, I was sitting with a group of friends discussing the important things in life like Pearl Jam, and which flannel to wear the next day {yeah, it was the 90’s} Even so the conversation delved a little deeper when someone commented on my necklace. It was one of those create your own beaded accessories.

“Oh, that’s so pretty,” said my friend. “It’s a work of art.”

“That’s not art,” said one of my know-it-all friends. “That’s a craft because she made it.”

And so the drunken debate ensued.

Which was it? Art or Craft?

Twenty years later this debate still continues.

There some that can find art in anything from an Amish quilt to a mosaic of dried noodles and peas. And others who only view credible artists as art and the rest is just craft.

No matter what your viewpoint, one thing remains clear, it’s still a creation, something designed, imagined and constructed.

It’s time to put our egos aside and just appreciate creation, no matter what the medium. Finding creative mojo in a fully connected, busy and constantly moving world can be difficult, and finding time to create amidst the chaos is like finding needle in a haystack. But when we do find it, we need to celebrate it; that free-thinking, free-flowing vein of ideas is the lifeline to the human soul. Without it our world would shrink into nothingness and be so VERY boring.

So, instead of joining in the debate, appreciate it because whether it’s art or craft it’s creation that makes the world a better place, and fuels the soul.

Source: google.com via Melissa on Pinterest

It’s time to fuel your soul with some creative arts and crafts.

All it takes is five minutes. You can …

Write a post.

Write a poem.

Take a photo.

Paint a picture.

Or even make a dried noodle and pea mosaic.

Whatever you do just create!

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