Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

Reading Circles – Plot & Structure {Part 5} And What’s Next

It turns out this post will have to be a case of hit and run. On less than a day’s notice, my husband and I need to catch a midnight train to Bangkok. Well, actually, it’s a 5:00 train…but it’s an overnight ride! I don’t even know how long we’re going. I may need to pack for three days or a week and a half.

So let me be brief.

Last week, we read the chapter on Endings from James Scott Bell’s book, Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure. There’s one great piece of advice in there that really called to me, and it was this:

Don’t rush. Take the time to consider multiple alternatives, complex alternatives. It’s easy to be in a hurry to finish when you’re so close to the end, but take the time to consider the best way to have an ending that not only ties up all your loose ends, but does so with resonance.

Was there anything that struck you?

So what’s next from here? In the next week, I encourage you to finish the book. It’s got some great chapters on scenes and plot patterns and how to develop your characters throughout the whole of the book. It also has some great advice on how to deal with some common plot problems.

Next week, I have some exciting new prospects on the horizon. We’ll talk about the next read and a big announcement. So stay tuned and check in right here next week!

And with that, I’d better go pack! Have a great weekend!