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Writing Me: I Remember {Alissa}

Writing Me is Bigger Picture Blogs series of writing exercises created to help our community dive deeper into writing, grow creatively, and learn about ourselves and each other. This quarter we are writing from the prompt “I Remember…” and each week we will feature one of our community members.

This week’s post comes to us from Alissa.

I remember tired feet in high heels and full tables all around, the impetus for our introduction.

I remember the din of the bar and my rowdy friends in your booth and the quiet in your eyes.

I remember burying my face in your chest, a stolen moment on a quick lunch break, beautifully intoxicated by your cologne and knowing you wanted me to stay…and later that afternoon when you wouldn’t let me go.

I remember the inexplicable shame. You were shiny and clean, and I was dirty and broken, and it was only a matter of time until you figured it out.

I remember pushing you away until you were broken, too, and didn’t know if you could fix me anymore.

I remember tears and begging and pleading, knowing we were worth it and dying to know how I could make you see it…chasing and begging, a Velcro little monkey on the leg of her giant.

I remember finally letting you go, and then…

I remember you coming back, with heavy shoulders and tears and regret in your soft, brown eyes.

I remember the day you took me for yours, forever and always, til death do us part, only death is incapable of parting a love like ours…and we know that deep in our hearts because our bond with each other has been there since the beginning of time itself. It’s just been waiting on us to catch up.

I remember you…it’s always been you.


Alissa Coburn is a wife and mother of 3 in Newport News, VA.  She works in an accounting office by day, and dreams of writing, volunteering, acting, singing, and general creative awesomeness by night.  She blogs regularly at http://alissaslifeunderconstruction.blogspot.com, where she discusses life, love, and attempts to discover her God-given purpose in life.