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Bigger Picture Moments {Featuring Rathi}

Every Thursday, our encouraging community comes together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the Bigger Picture through a simple moment. Won’t you join us today? Reflect upon something simple — or simply magical — that’s resonated with you this week, then share it with us!

Here’s a look at one of of last week’s Bigger Picture Moments, from Rathi.  Be sure to head over and dig deeper into her words.

This is exactly where I wanted to be.
Two months back, I was pining for having less time to myself, I wanted to be dumped with books in varying sizes, colors, and prints. I wanted to sit as a student at a college where I could let my dreams fly and come back to me.
Everything is happening.
Bigger Picture Moments are being hosted today by Hyacynth at Undercover Mother.  Please visit and share and be in community with us as we learn to really see the moments around us!