Daily Archives: August 14, 2012

Writing Me: I Remember {Sarah}

I remember seeing myself all knuckles and bones, ready to poke my own eyes out with shame.

I remember slouching into my clothes, ready to shrink away from prying junior-high condemnation.  I remember red cheeks and closed lips.  I remember disappearing.

I remember looking into the circle, wondering where my entrance would be, certain it lay somewhere just out of my skeletal reach.

I remember time passing.  I remember fullness layering.  I remember softening and easing and glowing.

I remember his eyes on mine, and the way they lingered.  I remember feeling tingles: red cheeks for another reason entirely.  I remember the confidence his arms held.

I remember being seen.

I remember being allowed to bloom.

I remember standing tall, in a circle of two.  I remember being half of something beautiful, and all of something loved.