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Opening the Door: Creative Inspiration

Does anyone out there remember the show Let’s Make a Deal?

Photo courtesy of LetsMakeADeal.com

Perhaps I’m aging myself a bit when I tell you that I watched it every day after school. I couldn’t wait to see what was behind Door Number One, Door Number Two and Door Number Three.

I cheered with the contestants when they discovered a new car, or a trip to Italy, and wept with them when all they found was a donkey. Wha, Wha…

Doors are mysterious and often as I’m creating, I find myself opening a multitude. Whether it be opening a door to a friend looking for design advice, or opening the door on an interesting plot twist during a writing project. As each door opens, my curiosity  grows.

I wait with anticipation, what will it be this time? How will my creativity grow and flourish with the opening of each door? And just like in the game show there will be times when I receive a donkey, and a project is a bomb.

But at those moments it’s time to pick myself up and see what’s behind door number 3…

So, head on over to our Facebook page it’s time to open your door and see what’s on the other side.

All it takes is five minutes.

You can…

Take a photo
Write a poem
Write a post
Write two sentences
Paint a picture

Don’t forget to share your creation with us, and add #BPCREATES.

No whammies, No whammies…

Oh wait that’s a different game show. Well, check out today’s prompt and get creating.