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Reading Circles – Plot & Structure {Part 1}

Happy Friday everyone! I remember several readers have mentioned wanting to learn how to go about writing a whole novel, or were in the midst of writing a novel and got stuck, because either the ideas ceased to flow or  because it was unclear how to expand on or make connections between various story lines. This next read is for you!

Have you all managed to get a copy of James Scott Bell’s book, Plot & Structure?

I’m assuming that the people most ready to read this book are likely to be those who have a story idea but are unsure how flush it out or make it so strong and compelling that readers can’t help but keep their eyes glued to the page until it’s 3 a.m., said eyes are red and dry, and the readers are nothing but thrilled to have reached the satisfying last page. Are you in that boat? If so, I’ll suggest that this week, we move quickly through the Intro, and Chapters 1-3 to get ourselves warmed up.

Here are the chapter titles to whet your appetite:
Introduction: Putting the Big Lie to Sleep
Chapter One: What’s a Plot, Anyway?
Chapter Two: Structure: What Holds Your Plot Together
Chapter Three: How to Explode with Plot Ideas

You ready?

I would love to have little exercises to share each week, but plotting a book is a process that I imagine most people prefer to do privately. Having said that, if you care to share any part of your process with me for feedback or encouragement, or even just to bounce ideas back and forth with a fellow writer, please feel free to do so by emailing me at jade.celene.keller@gmail.com.

Have a great weekend!