Musical Inspiration

Summer is a time for travel, and I’ve been on the road more weekends than I can count including this one.

Nothing fuels my car ride more than a Starbucks and a good play list on my iPod.

I have multiple playlists.

And this weekend as my tires sped along the highway I car danced to my SUMMER playlist.

Yep, I have lists based on seasons. There’s a Fall one on there too.

But this go around “Summer” pumped through my speakers. With each song a memory was triggered.

Like the song “Summertime” by Will Smith, that spurs daydreams of cruising the avenue during my High School years.

Or my first time doing Karaoke to Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69”

Any song by Bob Marley reminds me of the warm sand between my toes during our honeymoon ten years ago.

So, today I’m going to share my list with you, and hopefully inspire some memories.

Remember all it takes is five minutes.

You can …

Take a photo
Write a poem
Write a post
Write two sentences
Paint a picture

Are you ready for this week’s prompt?

Head on over to our Facebook page and check it out. Don’t forget to share your creation with us, and add #BPCREATES.

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