No comparison

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Her birthday is coming up. My daughter is turning four. She is my second born, but she was also my first in many ways. From even the earliest of pregnancy symptoms, I knew that my pregnancy, and her whole being, would be drastically different than with my son.

I danced with nausea for weeks when she was in the womb. With my son, I felt twinges of sea sickness… but nothing more. With her, fatigue rocked my world on every turn. That pregnancy week by week I felt things that made me question my health, her health.

But with each appointment, each visit with the midwife, each sound of a strong beautiful heart beat, my fears were calmed. I was reassured that each pregnancy could and would be different.

Four years later and sometimes I forget, though in my heart I know there is no way to compare my children. I still need the reminder. Each child begins in their own way, grows into their person so individually.

There is no way to compare her to anyone.

And now she is nearly four and is a force all her own.  She challenges me on a daily basis with her stunning wit and questions and sense of adventure. From the moment she was born she hasn’t stopped moving or talking or being her for a second.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One response to “No comparison

  1. My grandma gave me her most stern advice a few months before she passed away. Lauren was a newborn, and Mia was almost three. She told me, “Never, ever compare your kids to one another, or to anybody else.” It’s so *hard*! But she was right: they are so unique and wonderful that to get lost for even a minute in comparisons is to weigh them down with missed expectations or doubts.

    I love how different we all are. I love how different my children are. Beautiful 🙂

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