Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

Create Like a Child

As I’m making dinner and feeling the weight of my day, I hear children’s laughter echo down the hall. This is somewhat unusual when the two boys play together, so I creep silently to their room just to make sure they aren’t trying to jump out the window or hang anyone from the ceiling.

“We must get to the Batcave post haste,” yells my oldest, dressed in his Batman costume complete with mask, cap, fake muscles and a dog leash that is supposed to be a Batarang. His little brother giggles and dances giddy with excitement.

My eldest goes on with his story, which involves Batman chasing bad guys, someone grilling tires in a restaurant and pink slime raining from the sky. Where does he think of all this?

Then I remember. It’s because he’s a kid.

His mind is open, not stifled by day-to-day stress or duties.

I gaze at my two sons longing for the unfettered childlike imagination that fuels their creativity.

Sure I’m creative.

I write, I design and I imagine.

But there’s always something lingering. A dark cloud, or voice {most often from a boss or professor} telling me that my writing style or design is wrong and doesn’t fit.

How doesn’t it fit?

Perhaps it doesn’t fit YOUR ideas or perimeters.

But it DOES fit mine.

Too many rigid opinions can extinguish a person’s child-like creative spark.

Over the years I’ve had to learn how to express myself without losing my inner child. Life can stifle the creative spirit. Too many opinions, too many rules and suddenly your creativity is shoved into a box so tiny it has nowhere to go.

So today it’s time to release your inner child and create without boundaries. Be free to be you, and ignore those voices and naysayers.

It’s time to create for YOU.

Channel your inner child today, grab a crayon, paint brush or chalk and CREATE.

You can …

Take a photo
Write a poem
Write a post
Write two sentences
Paint a picture

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Have a wonderful Monday and be a little childish today.