Bigger Picture Moments {Featuring Kelli & Stephanie}

We simply CANNOT stop raving about how awesome our birthday celebration was last week!  Every Thursday is a wonderful testament to the inner workings of this Bigger Picture community, when we share our moments and lives together, but last Thursday’s collaborations were amazingly spectacular.  There are not enough descriptive adjectives to convey our collective pleasure!  Big, sloppy thanks to all who participated — with either collaborations or joyful spirits.

This week, we’re back to our normal Bigger Picture Moments at Jade’s blog, but we can’t help taking one last look into one of the collaborations to help inspire us as we move forward.  This piece is from Kelli and Stephanie.  Read on at either Adventurez in Childrearing or Girl of Grace:

Some days love is a slow song, carefully rocking little ones to sleep, sleepless nights drying nightmare’s tears and calming little ones’ fears…
And then a little one wraps his fingers around your heart and all too soon love is a fast song, sweeping you off your feet, rocking you back and forth, dancing to the beat of a love so strong and a love so sweet.

Be sure to head over to Jade’s place to link up your post and share in others’ Bigger Picture Moments today!


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