Why You Should Join Writing Circles

This post is written by Adrienne of My Memory Treasure in response to her experience in participating in one of our recent Writing Circles

It was about six months ago that I discovered the Bigger Picture Blogs. Through some linky or other I stumbled onto Alita’s page…fell in love with her!… and then started reading each of the bloggers that contribute to this site. I feel so grateful to have found such a sensitive, supportive and creative community!

When I first saw the dates for a writing circle, I was immediately drawn to the idea! But, as quickly as the thought had come that said, “Yes! This looks amazing” there was another thought right behind it. And this thought sounded more like, “Oh, you can’t do this. Just because you have a blog, doesn’t make you a writer. You’re not good enough or experienced enough for this.” So, I tried to swallow the desire to join in, but it kept resurfacing…so I did it! I signed up!
And I am so glad that I did!

Here are the top three things I’ve loved about my experience with the writing circles. They are:

1. Motivational. Having a deep, layered writing prompt has pushed me to dig into my heart and write from a vulnerable part of myself that I didn’t even know was ready to express itself. I have been inspired by the specific direction and guidance given and have loved having the goal of a date and time to get me writing.
2. Safe. The time we spend together reading and critiquing and encouraging each other as writers has been so rewarding. The feedback has been so constructive and helpful and the positive reinforcement has fueled my desire to keep writing. Most importantly, the atmosphere created is respectful and very safe. It was hard to jump in the first time….after that, I just wanted more!
3. Efficient. I really appreciate this! Given how busy we all are, I have to really commend the way this is run! Not only is everything super clearly communicated on the front end, but the meeting itself starts on time, is long enough for everyone to feel heard and fully participate and doesn’t drag on. I’m not sure I can think of when I’ve felt more of a reward for time invested.

I’ve put my name in the mix again for some of the upcoming writing circles. If you’re considering it, let me encourage you to hop on board! THANKS to all who have invested in making these times available ~ my hopes of finding and defining my voice as a writer are being nurtured here. And that is a wonderful gift!


We still have spots open for these upcoming Writing Circles:

  • Poetry Thursday August 9, 2012 8:00 pm CT
  • Life out Loud August (date TBA) 
  • Fiction – Short Story Sunday September 16, 2012 8:00 pm 
  •  Fiction October (date TBA)

 Live. Love. Write. 

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