Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

Let’s Party Like We’re Turning TWO! {Because we are!}

I can’t help but to wonder where our baby’s gone.
And how so much time has passed that our baby isn’t actually a baby anymore.

Though I can hardly believe it, it’s been two years since we birthed this community.

Two years.

I kind of stare incredulously and wonder not only at how that little seed of an idea was sown and grown and birthed

but also at how its matured, developed its own personality and beauty beyond what I ever expected.

Where there was newness, softness around the edges, there are more defined features, stretched limbs and new thoughts and focus.

We’ve grown so much this year. And growth requires a laying down of rocks, a celebration of sorts marking our time in becoming, in growing and living well spent.

Birthday celebrations are essential because they not only give us the chance to reflect on where we’ve been but also on who we’ve become. 

And, well, we’ve become something pretty spectacular; we are a commited community of writers who strengthen each other, polish each other and encourage each other to live intentionally by recognizing the bigger picture through the simple everyday moments. 

So will you celebrate who we’ve become as a community as we turn TWO?! Consider this your official invitation: 

In celebration of our SECOND birthday we are hosting a very special Bigger Picture Moments that will stretch our creativity and connect our community!

We will be randomly pairing two community members to create a post for our special birthday celebration link up on Thursday, June 28 here at Undercover Mother; our creative collaborations will meet here to share their work by linking with the birthday linky and then mingle around and see other’s collaborations. SIGN UP HERE TO PARTICIPATE IN A COLLABORATION!

Each creative collaboration duo will be given a prompt and work together to create a piece with one visual. 

Like any good party, there will certainly be gifts, too. We have a few lovely, creativity inspiring giveaways in store for a few of the party attendees who link up their collaborations!

And what would a party be with out some treats? Join us Wednesday, June 27 at Sarah’s — the day before our big birthday bash — to feast on ideas for some delicious treats to bring to the celebration.

We’ll each post our favorite cake/dessert recipes, baked with our own unique flavor, and link up our treats so we can share some sweetness with each other. 

Those who link up a sweet treat recipe will also be entered into our birthday gift giveaway. And feel free to be as creative as you so desire with your recipe, heavily flavoring it with sprinkles of your life or who you are or what you love. 

We are so looking forward to celebrating Bigger Picture Blogs SECOND birthday by pairing up TWO things that are at the heart of BPB: creativity and community. 

Let’s party, friends!