Create: Making Your Own Creative Oasis

This post is sponsored by Sparefoot, a storage finder, dedicated to helping people declutter their lives by finding storage in Chicago and beyond.

There is nothing that zaps my desire to create like a house that looks like this:


My brain just cannot get beyond the mess {which is normally cleaned up before the boys go to bed, but holy crabbiness, batman!} and let the creativity flow when I’m knee high in toys and general clutter that’s been scattered around the house by the boys.

As time is often not a luxury when it comes to engaging in creation, I’ve more than once decided I’ve needed to make a creative watering well of sorts amid my cluttered, tumbleweeded desert of a home.

When I need this kind of haven, I pick one small space, give myself 15 minutes and transform the dining room {or any room!} into a tidy and inspiring Creative Oasis by focusing on making just a few improvements to the senses for no cost and with little planning in little time: Sights, sounds and smells

1. Sights

-Clear Clutter

After clearing the clutter from my chosen space, I focus on bringing beauty to the space.

– Beautify

I do things like switch out the dirty table cloth, clothed my temporary desk with striped colors and retrieve dried bouquets from the garden, placing the flowers in a vase as avisually appealing centerpiece.
-Stage Lighting
The dining room light isn’t too harsh, but I dim the chandelier and instead turn upthe tiny lights laced into decoration above the hutch so as to soften the ambiance.
2. Sounds

Though I often crave the quiet only night brings, I know I’m inspired by song and lyric, so I tune into Pandora {free Internet radio in your chosen genre} for the deep lyrical melodies of Mumford and Sons, Death Cab for Cutie and Sufjan Stevens. I often open the windows, too; this time it was the one next to the table, too, so as to soak in sounds of the crickets chirping.

3. Smells

A fresh lemongrass Thai candle not only enhances the smell in the air, but it also provides a bit more soft lighting.

To top it off, I often brew a sweet smelling coconut tea at the table and let the smells waft into the air as I clear the rest of the clutter from the table and hutch.

After my allotted 15 minutes pass, I look around {took a few pictures} and breath in the clarity and beauty of a freshly designed Creative Oasis.


My creations always turn out so awesomely, too, when I spend time in making an oasis for myself!

Next up? Creating a permanent creativity oasis after clearing some more unneeded and unused clutter from our house, which seems daunting, but it’s so worth it because shouldn’t we all have some sort of small space, even if it’s just a corner, where we can think and feel and let inspiration have room to expand and take shape?

This post is sponsored by Sparefoot, a storage finder, dedicated to helping people declutter their lives and homes by finding storage in Chicago and beyond. Perhaps in designing a creative oasis, a storage space might be useful and a storage finder might be just as helpful.


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