Writing Me: I Am {May}

Welcome to Writing Me: Part III, a community writing project to celebrate creative inspiration collectively, and as individuals. For the next few weeks, we will be writing the I Am Poem. Be sure to link yours up! This week, we’re sharing a poem written by May of Achieving Clarity

I Am~May

I am an unfinished work

I wonder about His plans for me

I hear God’s voice in the laughter of my children

I see His presence in their eyes

I want to matter in those eyes

I am still unfolding

I pretend I can transition to this new phase of  life seamlessly, yet…

I feel so unlike myself

I reach out and touch the ones I love to reassure myself that my world is secure

I worry that the anxiety I feel at this moment in my life will rob me of time with them

I cry out in the presence of anxiety

I am a woman in mid-life

I understand that change is part of life

I say that this is a good and inevitable thing, though I don’t always wholeheartedly believe it is so

I dream of the future that awaits my children

I try to stay out of their way as they move towards that future, though

I hope it won’t take them too far from me

I am a woman, a  wife, a mother in the midst of life’s great story

  May blogs at Achieving Clarity in an effort to leave a storybook of tales of family, home, faith and love for her three grown children.  She is the right half of a mixed marriage having joined with a total left-brained engineer decades ago. They are making it work despite the language and cultural gaps that come of seeing the world from completely different points of view.  May is never so happy as when her family is gathered at home in Kansas.

7 responses to “Writing Me: I Am {May}

  1. I love this, May! This really capture you in this moment, on the precipice of change, wrestling with the conflicting emotions. I especially love this line: “I pretend I can transition to this new phase of life seamlessly, yet…
    I feel so unlike myself” – it makes me want to know more!

    • Oh, Jade, this mid-life stuff is such a roller coaster. My hormones are less settled than my teen-aged son’s! I am ready to settle back into the me I know.

  2. Oh, May — I think motherhood must be THESE very emotions from start to end. It makes me worry: if I feel the same things you’re feeling right *now*, how will I ever make it to the empty nest stage?!?

    This was beautiful 🙂

    • You will make it because life gives you a chance to practice coping with these emotions stage after stage of our children’s life. It does truly become this one “bigger picture”. I read your words each week and simultaneously recall the stage you are talking about while seeing how it is still relevant in many ways to our stages one state to your left.

  3. May, I’ve been meaning to share how much I loved this piece of writing. I wonder, too, about that same kind of anxiety robbing me of the now. Beautiful writing, as always, from you.

    • The anxiety is something I had never experienced before peri-menopause. It has taught me humility and empathy. I keep hoping God will feel I have a handle on these things and I will graduate to the next stage of my development very soon!

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