Writing Me… I am {Adrienne}

Welcome to Writing Me: Part III, a community writing project to celebrate creative inspiration collectively, and as individuals. For the next few weeks, we will be writing the I Am Poem. Be sure to link yours up! This week, we’re sharing Adrienne’s from My Memory Art.

Writing Me…I Am {Adrienne}
 I am settled into the comfort of our Saturday morning.

I wonder little to nothing when settled here, at home, with him.

I hear country music, passing cars and the tap, tap, tap of lap top keys.

I see curtains I don’t like and chores that need doing.

I want little to nothing when settled here, at home, like this.

I am content.

I pretend nothing in this place, this safe place.

I feel complete, connected to the family we built, even though the ‘nest’ is empty.

I touch their lives, as they’ve touched mine. We shape and mold each other.

I worry very little about us, or about them.

I cry easily. With them. For them. In sorrow. In joy. With gratitude.

I am, more than anything else, a wife and a mom.  A homebody.

I understand our dynamics and cherish them.

I say little, and am heard.

I dream of many more years like these, of the other child’s wedding and of grand kids.

I try to make lots of memories and to capture them;  to make the moments last.

I hope for…long for…spiritual growth, seasons of creativity and bits of laughter.

I am home.

Adrienne is a 51 year old “empty nester” who loves scrapbooking, blogging, photography and camping. She shares her love for God, her family and her hobbies on her blog My Memory Art. Though it’s her job as office manager that helps ‘pay the rent’, it’s the creative, crafty stuff that she considers to be her real work.


4 responses to “Writing Me… I am {Adrienne}

  1. I’ve long been a reader of Adrienne’s. This poem is perfect!

  2. I love the way you describe home. Mine is still full-to-busting with kids, but I feel the same way about it. Just that, this is the best place to be. 🙂

  3. This is so lovely, Adrienne. Beautifully put.

  4. I cry often,too. I think our sensitive souls make us even more creative. 😉
    This was perfect. I enjoyed the warmness and comfort of it.


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