Writing Me… I am {Brook}

Welcome to Writing Me: Part III, a community writing project to celebrate creative inspiration collectively, and as individuals. For the next few weeks, we will be writing the I Am Poem. Be sure to link yours up! This week, we’re sharing Brook’s.


I am undefined.
I wonder who I am and where this wonderful life will lead me.
I hear the voices in heart guiding me on a journey of self discovery.
I see pain, joy, sadness and hope along the way.
I want to be free to create and express myself.
I am a work in progress.
I pretend to be a mother, wife, athlete and writer.
I feel inadequate of these titles; I did not earn them.
I touch souls but do they touch mine?
I worry all the time about not being good enough or if I’m worthy of the “life” I’ve been given.
I cry tears of joy and sorrow; both cleanse my soul.
I am looking for answers.
I know I may never find them.
I say “who cares” and go about my day, my life and cherish EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.
I dream of a time when the bitterness in my heart is replaced with unrelenting joy.
I try to be the best ME I can be.
I hope to be better to grow and flourish like the trees in spring.
I am ME.

  Brook is a spunky redhead who shares her views on life, love, kids and the world via her blog Readhead Reverie. She never sugar coats it and never acts like she’s perfect, because truthfully wouldn’t that be so FREAKING BORING.

5 responses to “Writing Me… I am {Brook}

  1. Oh wow Brook. I feel like I’ve been given a very special window in to you, different from your usual posts. That’s not to say those or this are more you than the other…just I feel I’ve got a glimpse of a whole new, wonderful facet of you. It’s lovely, thank you.

  2. This is fun, Brook!

  3. Beautiful insight to who you are Brook.

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