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Introducing Writing Circles: Growing writers’ creativity and skill

We all have different stories behind why we write.

We love words; we love painting pictures with sentences, capturing moments, journaling the purest and rawest of emotion.

We writers write because we cannot not write.

But in writing, there are writer’s blocks we authors sometimes blindly slam into; we all know the scenario of coming up blank when we’re brimming with emotion or hesitating before pushing publish or wish for just another set of eyes to read what’s come spilling out of our fingertips.

We don’t just need inspiration, a stirring prompting to let creativity flow and grow us in our art; we also need other writers to surround us and give praise, encouragement, constructive criticism if we are to really come into our full writer skins.

Perhaps, you’ve read some of the Reading Circles posts by the magnificent Jade, and it’s stirred your desire to really begin honing your craft and skill? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau and need some inspiration? Or maybe you desperately need another voice to help shed light on your own written words?

Whatever the case may be — whether you are a seasoned writer or have recently found the love of a pen in your hand {or keys at your fingertips!}, Bigger Picture Blogs Writing Circles might be just what you need to stretch your writerly mind and heart.

Here are the details:

What: A group of three to five writers will come together via Skype with the add of Google Docs to share a written piece in the genre of “Living Life Outloud / Memoirs” to hear each piece read and then give engage in a praise/critique session with each writing piece. A prompt will be assigned and a word limit will be suggested a week before the Writing Circle meets.

When: Tuesday, April 3 at 7 p.m. CST

Your host/moderator: Hyacynth from Undercover Mother

Genre description: Writing Life Outloud/Memoir — has there ever been a scene from your life in which you’ve desperately wanted to capture the emotion, the senses, the power of the moment? We’ll be working on writing a moment in time outloud and making that piece as strong as possible.

How and Where: Via Skype and Google Documents in the comfort of your own home!

Details: Our first public Writing Circle is absolutely free of charge, but there is only space for FOUR participants. The first four people to email hyacynthworth{at}yahoo{dot}com will be part of the circle.

Comments? Questions? Leave it below and we’ll be sure to answer!

We look forward to growing together as writers!

If you’d like to take a peek, here are two finished Writing Circles pieces from Alita and Hyacynth.  Both pieces were inspired from the latest Writing Circles prompt, were read aloud to the circle, were subject to praise and constructive criticism and then edited and reworked into final pieces.