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{Reading Circles} Your Brain on Fiction

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been trying to write this post all day but it’s 101-friggin’-degrees here in northern Thailand and sitting up straight with my eyes open is a challenge. My laptop must be at least 120 degrees too, it’s practically swelling with heat!

Anyway, this week we’re shifting gears here for Reading Circles. To finish up A Writer’s Book of Days, we’re responding to a prompt together. The prompt was: What I said was not what I was thinking. If you wrote something up, link it up below. I’m excited to see what everyone came up with!

This week, I’ve got a New York Times article for us to read, one that should even appeal to our more science-minded folk! It’s called The Neuroscience of Your Brain on FictionOne of the first maxims young, burgeoning writers always hear is to get rid of cliches. Cliched language, cliched characters, cliched plots are to be avoided *ahem* like the plague. This article gives us some fascinating science to show us why. Turns out, when we feel enveloped in a story, drawn in as if we’re actually there, there’s a scientific reason for it.

Crazy, huh? Do you feel that reading has made you more empathetic, or honed your skills at reading people as well as books?

Want to try your hand at fixing some cliches? Try writing something novel to fill in these blanks:

Heavy as ____________
White as ____________
I slept like ___________

Or rewrite these:
Her heart pounded in her chest.
It was the best thing since sliced bread.
He was a fount of energy.

Note: If you answer the first three with “bricks”, “snow”, and “the dead”, I’m officially giving you the stink-eye.

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to link up below!

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Bigger Picture Moments {Featuring Lucy}

Every Thursday, we come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the Bigger Picture through a simple moment. Won’t you join us today? Reflect upon something simple — or simply magical — that’s resonated with you this week, then share it with us!

Here’s a glimpse from Lucy’s post last week, one that was especially heartfelt — click through to read the rest!


I am not strong enough to carry my blessings.

It’s not the challenges or problems or burdens in life that bother me. Those seem right. It’s the fact that I am not adequate, that I cannot seem to shoulder all the priceless perfection in my life. Love, motherhood, friendship, teaching…the countless facets of each of those things… my life is shockingly beautiful and I cannot rise to it. I can’t balance everything. I can’t deserve-

And oh, it comes back to that. Doesn’t it always?

This week’s link-up is being hosted by Melissa; head over to be inspired, share your moment, and encourage friends as we write to discover the beautiful moments in normal, everyday life!

Bigger Picture Captures

Routine from last week’s pool of shots by Alita

Often just like writing, inspiration for a photo comes immediate and you simply must capture the moment. Other times picture taking is less inspired.

In the spirit of creativity that is being nourished here on this site and in your hearts, we’re bringing back Bigger Picture Captures.

Each Wednesday a thought, a word, or a moment will be shared and you will have the opportunity to capture the creativity with your lens and share it.

No need to worry about blogging it (unless you want to of course) or linking it up. All you have to do is Tweet it, facebook it, or Instagram it.

We know that a lot of you are participating in the P365 or P52 challenges. This is  a little more creative inspiration to get your camera out and take a picture of something different.

Use #BPCaptures anywhere you are collecting your pictures, and get ready to CREATE!

Today’s prompt is the word fly.

Whether it be that time flies when we’re having fun; or flying high heights to reach dreams; or an actual fly, there are so many ways to interpret the word fly.

How will you interpret flying today? Capture it and share it, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!