Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Highlighting {Emily} and {Melissa}

Every Thursday, we come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the Bigger Picture through a simple moment. Won’t you join us?

Here’s a peek at a beautiful Bigger Picture Moment from last week, written by Emily at The Daily Wade.  Click over to Emily’s place to read more:

Sure, the snowflakes look a lot like the ones from last season. Up close, they are so different, unique and perfect all on their own. They don’t worry about being compared to the snowflakes from last season, those are melted, moving through the Earth’s ground and giving life to plants and animals. A new season for them.

And this week’s link-up is being hosted by Melissa at Peanut Butter in My Hair.  Here’s a glimpse of her Bigger Picture:

The waves of change are rocky though. They can leave you unsettled and  uneasy. Unsure whether you will land on soft beaches or rocky shores. Learning to ride the waves is a lifetime lesson. I am trying hard to ride  these waves over this cusp and on to the inevitable next one. To relax into  the ride and try to enjoy it as I go.

Head over to Melissa’s place to read more and share your own Moment!