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Create 30, Finding Time for Creativity



It’s in all of us in some form, in some level.

Like a fire creativity will flame out and eventually die if it’s not stoked and tended to. Do you take the time to tend to your creative soul?

Yes, it’s hard to be intentional about taking the time to be creative. Especially if there are little children in your home. Taking time to create is something that may feel selfish or a waste of time. I assure you it’s not.

One of my new years goals was to spend 30 minutes a day creating. Sometimes that has simply been making pretty labels to organize our entry:

Photo Credit Melissa Haak

Sometimes it means taking the time to set up and edit a shot for my project 365

Photo Credit Melissa Haak

Maybe you don’t have 30 minutes, but I bet you have 5. Five minutes that you spend doing nothing in particular, falling into the black hole of mindless internet clicking? Pinterest? Twitter? Guilty as charged.

Why not make the commitment to take time today and create. Even if it’s only 5 minutes.

There was an old columnist for the Chicago Tribune that used to run the same article every New Years. He stuck by the belief, that he proved to himself, that if you just spent 30 minutes a day doing a task you could master it by the end of the year.


What do you wish you spent more time doing? Writing? Painting? Photography? What unfinished projects are lying around that you need to be inspired to pick up and create?

What’s stopping you?


If you need an extra push:

Monday’s on the Bigger Picture Blogs Facebook page we’re going to introduce some Creative Inspiration. We will post 1-3 words and encourage you to roll those words around in your head and be inspired. Use them to propel you out of the Monday funk and into a creative mood.

Use them as you will.

Take a Photo
Write a Poem
Write a post
Write two sentences
Paint a picture

The point is to use them to infuse your Monday with 5 minutes of creativity.

There is no link up, no need to post by a certain day. Just inspiration and creativity on what could be an uninspiring day.

We encourage you to write on our Facebook wall or leave a link with what you were inspired to do.

Live. Love. Create.