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December Recap

Photo Credit Alita Jewel Photography

I don’t know about you but I am taking a deep breath and relaxing into this new year full of hope and energy (and more than a little ready to return to routine and order!)

A look back on where we were, when we weren’t here, in December…

Teaching a love of reading takes time, by Sarah at the Joplin Globe

Gluten Free Baked Good for Kids, by Hyacynth at CBS Chicago

Fixing a Picky Eater, by Melissa at Mamapedia Voices

Clean up Shouldn’t Steal Calm by Sarah at the Joplin Globe

Best gifts for Toddlers, by Hyacynth at CBS Chicago

Let kids Teach you What they Learn by Sarah at the Joplin Globe

While Lenae is adjusting to Baku she has some friend guest posting in a series called the Nomad Diaries, be sure to check it out.

We’ve wrapped up Write before Christmas and I hope it left you inspired because we have some fun things planned for 2012.

Don’t forget abut Writing Me (I know I need to update the page!) we are working on our Family Prose, be sure to share yours!

What have you been up to? Share it with us in the comment so we can stop by and catch up too!

Live. Love. Write