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In this family {Brook}

Welcome to part two of Writing Me, our community writing project intended to inspire our creativity collectively and individually.

During the next eight weeks — through the end of 2011 — we’ll be writing our In This Family prose.

In this family lurks a tickle monster and if you aren’t careful he will tickle you till you pee your pants.

In this family nose doinks, tackle hugs and smoochies are how we show we love you.

We have giggle fests and laugh till it hurts.

We are loud {even when we should be quiet}.

We talk a lot and have a hard time listening, but when we do we hear you.

We are messy and have been known to ignore a dirty house in favor of playing together.

We fly by the seat of our pants and very rarely are we prepared.

In this family we work hard everyday.
Everyone does their part.
There are no free rides.

Sometimes in this family the
and Angrys can get in the way.
And we work together and tell them to “take a hike”.

In this family we know we will make mistakes and be forgiven.

We wear black and gold every weekend from September till November.

We build traditions to pass down to generations after us.

We believe in finding joy even amidst chaos and craziness.

In this family there are tears
of joy
of sadness.

In this family we know there is no perfect,
but we are perfect in each other’s eyes.

Brook is a spunky redhead who shares her views on life, love, kids and the world via her blog Readhead Reverie. She never sugar coats it and never acts like she’s perfect, because truthfully wouldn’t that be so FREAKING BORING.

What do you do in your house?

The only real requirement for linking up with this meme is to write out your In This Family prose.

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