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BPReads: Wild Mind Chapter 15


We’re reading to become better writers, I hope you’ll join us on this journey! Details on the book club can be found under the Book Club Tab above. I will link each week’s discussion there as well.

Our first pick is Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg. If you want more information on Natalie and some video interviews with her please visit Open Road Media. Some of you asked, it is available in all versions of digital reader. See the Open Road Media site for details.

*more apologies! I’m still here, still reading just sloooooooowwwwllly Someone is teething and not sleeping….

Chapter 15: Oral Timed Writing

How often do you compose posts and stories in your head? I write all day long, while running, driving, showiering…I’ve never thought to say them out loud.

How fun could this be to do with the kids? To start with I remember and see your family history through their eyes? It could make a great gift this tie of year too!

Would anyone be interested in doing an oral writing meet-up? Either as a vlog link-up or as a Skype/Google+ hangout?

What do you remember….