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Bigger Picture Moments: Alita’s Bowling Hearts

Every Thursday we come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the bigger picture through a simple moment. Won’t you join us?

Simple BPM

In November we are serving our moments up with a main course of Gratitude.

I am a mom blogger. Not necessarily a mom blogger, but definitely a mom blogger.
Am I even making sense? Anyway, I shy away from posting about bowling trips or field trips. I hesitate about sharing anecdotes about family traditions or first annual anythings.

But sometimes- Just sometimes- I regret not sharing moments like the other kind of mom-blogging.

And this is so very different.

So bear with me, the content of this post is a sensitive subject around here.

To read the rest and share your own moments of thankfulness head over to Alita Jewel’s Treasures



Reflect on the blessings that were apparent to you this week


Harvest them!


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Thankful for… {Bigger Picture Moments 10 November}

During the month of November, we taking our Bigger Picture Moments and turning them into moments of thankfulness — a chance to reflect on all those things that we are thankful for, both big and small.
This week our community was thankful for:

Friends to share the burden with. {Stephanie}

Fall and protection {Danielle}

For hair and healing {Ginny}

For craving the main ingredient. {Maria}

For knowledge and memories housed in an encyclopedia.  {May}

For family being close. {Brook}

For lessons you weren’t expecting, before the coffee has brewed. {Erin}

For paintings in the sky. {Michelle}

For second chances and wrong weather reports. {Cynthia}

What are you thankful for this week? Share with us tomorrow at Alita’s

Writing Me: In this Family Prose

Welcome to part two of Writing Me, our community writing project intended to inspire our creativity collectively and individually.

During the next eight weeks — through the end of 2011 — we’ll be writing our In This Family prose.

First inspired by a piece of Etsy artwork pinned on Pinterest and then Emerging Mummy’s brilliant staircase, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to take the intents of our hearts and write them out into black print against white — etch them not only on our hearts, but also in the most visible of places. {If you want to dig really deep into family mission statements, Simple Mom has a great post!}

So let’s jump in. If you want to get started, begin thinking of ways to elaborate on the following:

“In this family {house} we …”

The beauty of this open-ended prose project is that you have the freedom to write your heart’s hopes out into a pretty free structure.

The only real guidelines are to keep it short, keep it punchy {think six word max per line} and keep it brimming with active words instead of passive ones.


In this house

we share germs

and also hugs.

We say sorry

as well as forgiven

We do loud

a little better than whispers.

We love hard

when its hard to love.

Why the guidelines?

Mostly because we don’t want to stop at just writing the statement on paper or your computer screen; we want to transfer those words onto a medium that can be seen by everyone passing through our homes — most importantly, we want those words to be seen by our own eyes and our kids’ eyes.

After you are pleased with your statement, you could:

*transfer the words onto canvas

*type them and frame the printed paper

*paint them above a door way

*write it across your living room walls

*transform a white board

*or even stencil them on the stairs like Sarah at Emerging Mummy did

The only real requirement for linking up with this meme is to write out your In This Family prose.

Also, we’ll be featuring three In This Family prose pieces here! Please email hyacynthworth{at}yahoo{dot}com if you would like to be featured here.

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