Writing Me: Where I’m From {Laura}

I’m from long dark snowy winters, shoveling moon-lit ponds and hearing skate blades leaving shaved ice with their hockey stops. I’m from little towns, boasting rodeos and auctions, prairie fields littered with oil wells and grain elevators.

I’m from summer sand and lake breezes, ice cream dripping down our chins, bicycle riding till sun dipped behind flat fields. I’m from many new houses, new friends, new neighborhoods. Always the new girl. I’m from homeschool co-ops and homeschool choirs. I’m from public school band. I’m from correspondence lessons on the metal roof, sun-tanning.

I’m from family game nights, popcorn and fruit salad and pizza buns. I’m from writers and pastors and teachers. I’m from Scrabble and Dutch Blitz, Anne of Green Gables, apple pudding, and fresh blueberries with cream.

I’m from older and younger cousins and no siblings. I’m from afternoons by myself in a room full of grandparents. I’m from strawberry shortcake every year on my birthday, cats that were friends, and games of catch with my dad.

I’m from swimming lessons and piano lessons and short-lived softball league. I’m from free-ticket ski trips and hot spring soaks in Banff National Park. I’m from car camping with tarps and roasting vege-dogs on sticks. I’m from Little House on the Prairie and singing worship songs around the piano.

I’m from perogies and kuchen. I’m from long drives in the car with chocolate {that only happened once, but I certainly remember!}.

I’m from faith and love, passionate beliefs and strong family ties. I’m from a lot of places, always changing, always learning new things. Where I’m from is where life started. Where love bloomed. The inauguration of me. A good beginning.


Mother of boys and lover of Jesus, Laura {AKA “The Housewife”} blogs over at Housewife in Town about healthy recipe discoveries, preschool learning activities, hiking and traveling with small children, good books to read, and more. She loves quilting, photography, music and writing. A good day = much time spent outside.

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8 responses to “Writing Me: Where I’m From {Laura}

  1. This was beautiful, Laura! I’m especially struck by the first paragraph and it’s beautifully haunting feeling of the dark, long winters. So glad you to read your Where I’m From~

  2. Your first paragraph really seized my mind too, Laura: I was instantly transported to where you described and all its sights and sounds. And I really just enjoyed the things you chose to include… I felt like I got a good sense of how all these things are woven into the fabric of your heart and have made you who you are. Fabulous “Where I’m From”!

  3. Beautiful, Laura! I love that something that only happened once is where you’re from — isn’t that so true? The memories of a one-time thing can be just as life-forming as repeated traditions. Wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘Where I’m from is where life started.’ Pure poetry!

  4. Love it Laura!! I think it is beautiful. And also so true! Our memories can be so influential in defining who we are.

  5. Thanks for a classic piece of writing! I feel the strength that you enunciate. You’ve really brought into focus the Bigger Picture with beautiful style.

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