Bigger Picture Moments: Alita’s Quiet

Simple BPM

With the mission of learning how to make yarn balls, I sat at the kitchen table. The laptop was easily moved from the sectional to the white tile table top. I pursued youtube, found a good tutorial, and set to action.

It was quiet, but my thoughts were loud. Both boys were in school that day, I was alone. I sat by the wide open living room window, eavesdropping on the hum of the morning. Suburbia is known for the constant parade of middle aged mothers with strollers; the annoying and constant opening and closing of garage doors; men who have the ceaseless need to mow their perfect lawns. I have lived in suburbia my entire life except for when I left for college and of course I choose a small town college to study.

To read the rest and to add your own Moment please head over to Alita Jewel’s Treasures, we’d love to have you!

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.


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