Writing Me: Where I’m From {Lenae}

I’m from the winding roads of Mt. St. Helena, gripping the steering wheel as you accelerate out of the tight curves, stretches of shadow bleeding into sunlight and back into shadow again.  I’m from that sweet city just beyond it, with its handful of stoplights and locally-owned grocery store and the golf course down the road.

I’m from the Vallejo suburbs, the thrill of our first house, the smell of brand new carpet and conspiring with my brother about how we’d set up our rooms.  I’m from that master bedroom on the the second floor where we’d congregate by the windows and watch people bungee jump (and screeeeeeeeeeam) a few blocks away.

I’m from Bay Area fog, highway after highway spilling over into the next town.  I’m from pictures on the Golden Gate Bridge, field trips to the Lawrence Hall of Science, and 49er football.

I’m from selfless grandparents.  I’m from a Nonno who sang to me, an Avo who’d catch me sneaking cookies and just pinch my cheek; I’m from a Grandpa who’d let me sit beside him while he listened to Rush Limbaugh and nod approvingly when I won a round of Skip-Bo, a Grandma who carefully planned an array of art projects for our annual visit.

I’m from a brother who was so close to me in age that I can’t remember any of my life without him.  I’m from constantly fighting as kids, but he was still one of my favorite people.  I’m from late-night Taco Bell runs with him and falling asleep to the sound of him playing his guitar in the room next to mine.

I’m from parents who taught me about integrity and loyalty.  I’m from notes tucked in my backpack when I was nervous about a test, finding my favorite kind of ice cream in the freezer, talks on the golf green while the sun was setting.  I’m from never getting off the phone without saying ‘I love you’, and never going to bed without a hug.

I’m from the carefree but ambitious Golden State, where dreams explode into technicolor every single day.  I’m from hot, dry summers and the frothy, perfect Pacific coastline.  I’ve been from several different places since I left there, but where I’m really from is that long state on the West Coast, famous for its beaches and starlets and wine, but my heart… it’s sitting in the airy magic of the Redwoods, a Neverland carpeted in orange poppies.

Lenae writes (and sometimes vlogs!) about life with three little superheros and one princess from a ever changing Air Force decided location at {Just} Lenae

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6 responses to “Writing Me: Where I’m From {Lenae}

  1. Love this! It’s very sweet. And as a fellow Californian, I have to say so much just resonates with me! Oh, I miss that coastline… 🙂

  2. Oh, I love your Writing Me piece. Lovely, Lenae!

  3. I love this Lenae! I especially love this line: “I’m from the carefree but ambitious Golden State, where dreams explode into technicolor every single day” Such a great visual and so representative of CA! Good job friend.

  4. This is wonderful, Lenae! It makes me want to see California even more 🙂

  5. fantastic. i want to be a california girl, too:)

  6. I love your writing!!! So inspirational and moving. 🙂 I love the image of “falling asleep to the sound of him playing his guitar in the room next to mine”. Beautiful.

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