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Written to our Hearts {18 August}

♥ in a book Photo Credit Sarah Michael

Every week we share the harvest of intentional living by sharing a simple moment that has touched us or that has pointed us to the bigger picture. These moments from last week were like letters written to our hearts:

“We’re in a season right now.

A sliding-down-a-muddy-hill faster than you can grab hold of something, hold-onto-your-hat, pray-and-keep-praying season. I’ve got a stomach ache from the nerves. I’m talking with God while I make rounds through the house. And I’m trying my best to really, truly be with my kids, rather than zone them out while I float around in the adult debris. ”  Well Make It from {Just} Lenae

“If you’ve grown up with a loving, caring father, you may not be able to understand how a ‘just because’ present can be unfamiliar and overwhelming and heart-filling.Fatherly Love from Lucy the Valiant

” But it does amaze me how much life has changed. Different career paths, different countries, different lifestyles, a different language.

And yet, I still feel like the same old me.

Maybe I’m more steadfastly, more assuredly me.” Capturing Time from Tasting Grace

“Soaking in the giggles and smiling to myself, I wondered, “How did I get here? Me, who swore as a teenager that I would never have children, now with three of them!?”

A number of older women have told me that this time, when the kids are young and home, is one of the best times of life. Yes, it’s hard, but it’s good.” These Sounds from A Delightful Home

If I could change one thing about myself (other than my lack of cleavage) I’d ask for more patience. This past weekend I needed more than ever. Let me lay out the scenario for you…” Mom’s Need time Outs Too from Red Head Reverie

Yesterday’s post was about running away and hiding. Not much intentional living in running away, right? And so I began to think…how do I live intentionally?” Picnicking from Lemon Drop Pie

Be sure to come by Peanut Butter in my Hair tomorrow and link up your Simple Moment. It can be a photo, a poem, prose…anything that touched your heart and inspired you tee see beyond the sameness that can be everyday life. Be sure to include out button or a link back and you may see yourself here too.

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.