Daily Archives: August 19, 2011

BPB Reads: Back to School

What we’ve been reading this week as we start or prepare to start going back to school.

On meeting blogging friends for real Kent Lake Michigan from Colleen at As is Proper (Alita)

On family dinners…Sometimes, I don’t Want to Talk to my Kids, from Jen at The Short Years (Sarah)

Back to School Photo Tips from Rebecca at Simple as That (Alita)

Spanking, the post I Finally had to Write, from Amanda at Not Just Cute (Sarah)

An oldie but goodie when thinking about back to school transitions, Caught Between a Hug and  Fist Bump  from Molly at The Snyder Five (Melissa)

On playing it Safe from Michelle at I Don’t Believe in Grammar (Sarah)

They will be okay and so will I, from Kim at PrairieMama

What are you reading this week?