Daily Archives: August 12, 2011

What we’re Reading: Creativity and Faith

A glimpse into what we’ve been reading this week:

” But if I don’t write, there is a distinct possibility I might not exist. I know that isn’t actually true, but that is how it feels.” How to be an Artist, featured at Storybleed (Melissa)

“I’ve spent years of my life defining myself by what I am not.”  In Which This Is How I See the Kingdom, from Emerging Mummy (Hyacynth)

“I owned my DSLR for a good five months before I understood what the heck shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and white balance were and how they interact and work with one another. Learning how to take photographs with the dial switched to “M” was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”  How to Start Shooting in Manual from Little Somethings (Alita)

…but more than anything, I want to join with her in proclaiming this truth over you, sister. You are created to be a warrior.”  All the Days of our Lives: Responding to our Ezer Calling from Sorta Crunchy (Hyacynth)

Sweater Girl from Life Set to Words (Alita)

“Remember those boxes of 64 Crayola crayons with the built-in sharpener? In my world, it didn’t get much better than that.” Outside the Lines, featured at Storybleed (Melissa)

“…But while we were working, we got to talking about something that has been bothering me.  There are a lot of Jesuses running around. 
There is the Jesus that wants you to find a good parking spot at the mall. There is the Jesus invoked at music awards and then the one…”
 In Which this is a tale of many Jesuses and why I choose to Follow One from Emerging Mummy (Hyacynth)

“…I could see tears brimming in Carter’s eyes, so we prayed for Gabe, and marveled at how God blesses us in creative ways. “ Heaven seems a little closer in a house beside the water from Adventures in Babywearing (Hyacynth)


What have you been reading this week?