Standing Together to Help Joplin

When I put the kids to bed last night, the sun was shining bright, the birds were singing and they were being obnoxious and bouncing off the walls. A typical spring evening. We said our evening prayers and they were reminded to be thankful for all their blessings, their house, food, toys…all the things they had complained about at one point or another that day.

I set myself up with the laptop for the night and watched as a rather dark and scary shelf cloud marched it’s way across my sky. My anxiety started growing as I read about tornadoes just 30 miles north of me and I was home alone with my babies, my husband out golfing.

Than I was sitting in my own little bubble of worry I get an email to the writers of Bigger Picture Blogs, “Sarah are you okay?” My heart sank as I learned that Sarah’s small town of Joplin was devastated by a tornado.

Photo from – This is the regional Medical Center

Photo: Mike Ransdell/Kansas City Star from The Chicago Tribune

Picture: B.W. Shepard from the Joplin Globe
According to reports 1,000 people injured, 89 dead, hundreds of homes destroyed. Thankfully Sarah’s family was spared and is all right. Other members of her family and friends are not, homes were lost, lives broken.
The Bigger Picture Blogs Community is heartbroken for Sarah and her town. Joplin has been literally split in two by the devastation. We want to help, we NEED to help.
With amazing speed and generosity from the blogging and handmade communities Bigger Picture Blogs will be hosting an auction to raise funds for the Salvation Army to aid in relief efforts in Joplin. Details will be posted later today or tomorrow.
In the meantime can you help us spread the word? Will you blog about this? Put our button on your site? Donate an item? If you can do nothing else, please say a pray. A pray for Sarah and her family, for the town of Joplin and for all those families that are suffering.
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3 responses to “Standing Together to Help Joplin

  1. Thank you soooooooooo much! The devastation this year from tornadoes is staggering. Every bit helps. God Bless YOU!

  2. Great blog! Where do we donate? I have two 18 year old daughters who have lots of good, gently used teenage clothing they would like to share. Any ideas how to do that best?

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