Daily Archives: May 20, 2011

BPB Reads 20 May

Some of the things we’re reading this week that have spoken to our hearts and minds….

  • “I don’t know what sends me over the edge more:

    The tantrumming child that kicks me in the face in the Target checkout line or the one who- while his sister is freaking out- says, “Mommy? Mommy? I’m being a very good boy, riiiight?” The Juggler from Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing

  • “Holding onto everything. 
    Long spindly legs with
    stretching bruised legs
    Bits of conversation
    falling to the grass blades and
    popping like soap bubbles.” Practice from Musings de Mommy
  • ” I remember sitting perched on the edge of the soccer fields, leaning against the only tree, flipping through my dictionary and jotting down words with an inky red pen.” – I Remember from Sarah at Momalon
What are you reading and loving this week? Please share with us in the comments.