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Written to our Hearts {11 May}

♥ in a book Photo Credit Sarah Michael

Every week we share the harvest of intentional living by sharing a simple moment that has touched us or that has pointed us to the bigger picture. These moments from last week were like letters written to our hearts:

“But this little boy whom I cannot get out of my head reminds me that for some of these kids, sometimes the best thing we can do for them is make sure each day we have with them is a gift.” When life Wakes You Up from Jade at Tasting Grace

Sometimes the little things are the big things. Life is made up of everyday moments. Moments that flit by if we are not paying attention.”  When Small Things are Big Things from Stacy at Delighting in the Days

“There’s so much I don’t know, about the big stuff: life, death, what it all means, or doesn’t.” On Wisdom from Kelly at The Miller Mix

“I was dropping off Emmy in the three year old room for MOPS when one of the mentor moms came up to me. “Oh,” she said as she enveloped me in a big mama bear hug, “I’ve been thinking about you this week!”  A Hug for Mother’s Day from Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie

Be sure to come by Undercover Mother tomorrow and link up your Simple Moment. It can be a photo, a poem, prose…anything that touched your heart and inspired you tee see beyond the sameness that can be everyday life. Be sure to include out button or a link back and you may see yourself here too.

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.