Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

Out and About with BPB

Photo Credit: Alita Jewel Photography

May flowers are finally starting to take over from the brown detritus of winter, and we are relishing in every beautiful scent!

Catch up with our writers from last week:

Melissa was Shell’s BFF and tackled the myth of Supermom.

Hyacynth was the featured Mamapedia Voice with Like Zumba – a Life Lesson

Registration for Creativity Boot Camp is still open. Hyacynth and Alita  will be some of the guest instructors.

Sarah was gives tips for successful road-tripping (just in time for summer vacations!) at the Joplin Globe

Hyacynth was one of Delighting in the Days Top 10 Encouraging Mother’s

and Alita is one of the newest bloggers at Michigan Blogger.

Have a great week everyone! Look for the newest Bigger Picture Captures prompt coming up soon, and this week’s Bigger Picture Moment at Sarah’s