Friday Feature: Marci

Today we are featuring Marci from Pretty as a Picture.

‘Twas the write before Christmas..Day 3

Today is Day 3 of ‘Twas the Write before Christmas over at Bigger Picture Blogs.  I missed Day 2..oops.  The theme was very broad..there was this song (which is awesome and beautiful) and whatever inspired you about the song would be your theme for this creative project.


Alright, I admit it, maybe I’m feeling a little emotional right now..or maybe I’m emotional all the time but this song really moved me, nearly to tears.  I love Casting Crowns..Klove is definitely one of my favorite radio stations and they play on that station pretty regularly but I had never heard this particular song before.  Now I am addicted to this song.

The one phrase from the song that really stuck with me for some reason was  “Peace on Earth.”  What was peaceful to me?  How do I find peace? The connection I felt with God came to mind and how that connection with Him has grown especially in the past year or so.  That is Peace to me, having that faith and knowing that I am loved always.  It’s as if I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I have peace of mind because of His love for all of us and the strength that He gives me.
As I was driving down the road today running some errands, I was stopped nearly dead in my tracks..there was a Church sign that read “Peace Starts With a Smile.”  I pulled over and snapped this picture.  It was a simple Church, situated on this plot of land since 1925 but it’s beauty struck me and I hope you find the beauty in it too!

Central Terrace United Methoidist Church
Winston-Salem, NC

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2 responses to “Friday Feature: Marci

  1. For me, peace needs to start in your heart. I have to feel at peace with those around me.

  2. Oooo…pretty! I love old churches too!

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